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       Timekeeper Trading   
       Personal Protection Clothing, Safety Equipment   
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      Timekeeper Energy  
       Solar Panels, Fuels & Lubricants   
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    Timekeeper Engineering
       Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Turning, Fittings, Manufacturing, Electrical, Boiler Making   
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       Mining & Construction Tools & Equipment   
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       Timekeeper Energy   
       Fuels Distribution - Diesel, ULP, LRP, Paraffin, Jet A1 & Lubricants   

Welcome to Timekeeper Holdings!

Time Keeper Holdings is a multi-dimensional company whose core existence is to service businesses in the Industrial Engineering Sector by providing them with an administrative and procurement support function.

By understanding exactly what companies expect from an industrial-supplies service provider – through our global experience, skills and knowledge, we are able to deliver holistic industrial solutions that address these diverse needs of our target market. We do so by providing businesses with innovation, service, technology and value propositions that are cost-effective, reliable, secure and scalable.

Quality Products

We do not compromise on quality.
Your employees are your best assets. We help you protect them from all sorts of workplace hazards by providing South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) approved and ISO 9001 compliant products only.

Best Prices

Our pricing is not to be rivalled. Our goal is not to milk your budget dry, but to give you the best value for your money and help you cut down on costs.

Great Service

Our greatest source of fulfilment at the end of each day is knowing that we have delighted and exceeded our client’s expectations by offering them royal service. Our formula is simple.
Exceed Expectation + Satisfaction (– Frustration) = Delightful Client

On-Time Delivery

For any business, time is a crucial factor. That is why we take care to deliver at lightning speed and within agreed timelines. You do not wait for us, but we wait for your next order.

At TIME KEEPER HOLDINGS we make it easy for you to acquire all the material and gear you require to achieve your desired goal. We take pride in our clients sucessfully accomplishing their tasks, therfore we offer only quality goods to help them achieve their goals.

We offer exclusive service through our skills and abilities and continuously improving our technologies to ensure prompt and satisfactory service delivery, to meet and exceed our customer's demands.

We build strong relationships with our clients and stakeholder and by conducting our business with good principles and in manner that is responsible and ethical.


At Time Keeper Holdings we believe that we exist because we are part of a whole. Therefore partnerships are an important element of our sustainability and going on concern. We have formed synergistic partnerships with the following companies:

Our Clients


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